현재 문화원에서는 한국 고전 음악과 무용에 관심이 있는 모든 분들에게
다양한 악기를 접하고 개인, 단체로 배우고 즐기는 동아리 활동들도  제공합니다.
문화원의 문을 언제나 열려 있습니다.  가족과 친구, 단체와 함께 참여하시기 바랍니다.

  • 사물놀이와 난타 :  다양한 한국 전통 타악기
  • 고전 무용: 부채춤, 삼고무, 화관무, 장구춤을 비롯한 한국 전통 무용
  • 가야금 연주 및 기타 악기와의 협주

1. Korean Traditional Performing Arts 
– Classes include Samulnori (Korean traditional drumming)
Traditional vocal instruction, Traditional Korean dances, Traditional Korean Strings and Woodwinds

– At local schools: Education Programs for Korean Culture Clubs at middle and high schools

2. General Education about Korea
– Lecture series on Korean culture, history, traditional and contemporary art, etc.

3. Korean Identity Workshops
– Guest speaker events and panels on specific subjects such as “History of Korean American    Immigration” and “Importance  of Culture in Everyday Life”, “Difference and Acceptance”, “History of Adoption of Korean Children in the US”, “Influence of Cultural Roots in Inter-racial relationships”, “To Love Two Countries – America and Korea”.

4. Annual Summer Korean Culture Camp
– Intensive leaning of the art of Korean traditional drumming: its philosophy, technique, history, and cultural roots.
– Daily workshop on other forms of Korean performing arts: singing, dance, string, and flute.
– Lecture series on Korean history,traditions, tea ceremony, and identity.
– Korean traditional games and sports.

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