The Korean Cultural Center (a.k.a. KCC), was founded in 2003 under a forceful mission: to promote Korean culture in the United States through education and performing arts.

In July 2005, as our mission states, the KCC performed at the Mets’ Korean Night in New York, an event in which the KCC gathered 100 Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion) participants to perform and show the traditional music of Korea to Americans and other non-Koreans. The performance is still remembered among New Yorkers as one of the most astonishing performances put on by the KCC.

In addition to numerous stage performances, the KCC has been donating musical instruments and has been providing lesson instructions to middle schools and high schools in New York and New Jersey, such as Hunter College High School and Ridgewood High School. This is being done in order to encourage, enhance and enlarge the learning environment of Korean traditional percussion and its cultural programs in public institutions.

Through these diverse activities and our members’ limitless effort in the New England area, we were able to begin the construction of a multipurpose arts center in New York City at Times Square. In September 2005, the KCC celebrated the completion of the first multipurpose theater in the United States that specializes in preservation and presentation of Korean traditional performing arts. This Seven Stars Theater is on its way to become the international hub of Korean performing arts and cultural education.

Three years later, in order to meet Korean Americans’ expectations, we, the KCC, has decided to expand our mission in the Southeastern region of the United States. After a year of intensive research on locations within the region, we chose Atlanta, Georgia as the ideal location to build our second arts center. In October 2009, we finally opened our second multipurpose arts center in Atlanta. This second Seven Stars Theater holds more than 150 seats and allows an audience to enjoy Korean traditional music performances every month for free. Furthermore, the center acts as a cornerstone for many traditional Korean performances that are performed at nearby schools, universities and city events.

Our goal is clear. Using these two centers as stepping-stones, we, the KCC, will continue to promote Korean culture and provide a welcoming place where all cultures and all people can come together in the joy of Korean traditional music and dance. We hope that our heritage will continuously spread throughout the country so that all people will be able to experience Korean culture. Until then, we are here to offer the best performances by mutually supporting and interacting with the local communities. Thank you.

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한국 전통 문화 보급을 통하여,

  • 이민세대및 2세들의 올바른 정체성 확립
  • 현지인에게 한국의 이미지 향상및
    • 한국문화에 대한 올바른 이해로 친밀감 유도.
  • 타 민족간의 문화교류로 문화적 유대관계 확립

< 운영개요 >

  • 한인들의 문화공간 – 정기공연및 다양한 프로그램으로 동포들과 호흡하며, 교육과 공연을 병행하여, 미주류사회와 접목
  • 다양한 문화교류의 장 – 타민족과의 교환공연, 퓨전 공연을 준비
  • 한국문화 교육현장 – 한국의 우수 전문예술단의 섭외로 세계에서 인정받는 무대로, 대기업의 홍보사절단으로 우리문화의 세계화에 앞장선다.

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